Good Charater

February 4, 2010
We all think, do, & say things differently. You Do Things That Hurt other but don’t think about it & how it hurts everyone around you. You make decisions that aren’t the best and as you look back it hurts. We think badly about people and we shouldn’t you learn from experience that most the things in life that you do are bad. We all can change and do it better & Help Others Along the way. We live in a world full of Rumors, Hate, & Everything else. If you do things like think, say, or do things the opposite and think positive everything might just change.

What you say maybe the truth and to your best friend saying the truth may hurt but it helps them out. When you lie to your friends or anyone does it bring character? No. It’s not fair to anyone. In my life I told some lies and did some things that hurt not only me but the people around me & I regret it. It did not bring good character. In the Dictionary Trust is defined by: reliance on the inregrity, strength, ability, surety, ECT, of a person or thing, confidence. If you do things people don’t agree with or hurt you & or if you thinks or say things people don’t like or hurt you or your surroundings how are you going to be trusted. Trust is the main thing in a good character and it’s not fair to everyone if you do these things.

Good friend ships are built on how you think of them, what you say to them, & what you do with them. I learned the hard way but you know what it was worth every second of learning what I did wrong. In a good person Child, Teen, Adult, Anyone Good Values and very much brought upon when looked at and you need to think say and do things you would normally not to be a good person. It may take years to learn to do good thing say the right thing & Think Positively but when you have support its not all bad. In your part its beneficial when you help out your friends and now you’re a leader for doing whats all right. In The Long run think how everyone will come to your for advice and everything cause you think the right thing, do the right stuff, & Say The Truth.

In My Life I Try To Be the Leader & Do The Right Things. I get along with a lot of people and I am a people person I can say the truth and not be afraid to tell them what I think. I love being this way because people come to for advice. I have better relationships with my friends and family. Its fair to everyone this way and yes some things come out but everything I say is from the heart and that’s what a good character does Talks From the Heart. Everyone has a different point of view on this but from me we all say things and do things and think things we shouldn’t but its life. Everything I am saying is coming straight from me & I think that is what a good person should do. Talk from them.

Life Has A lot Of Things that get everyone upset. As People Say the truth will set you free. I think it is good to speak your mind. We Say, Do & Think A lot of things in our life time & Most people wont agree with That’s Life. You want to have good friendships and you want to help people you need good character. People look up to you sometime & its Fair to do the right thing. You Want to be the leader not the follower.

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Love_life18 said...
Feb. 17, 2010 at 7:45 pm
Thanks Youu
Shahed said...
Feb. 16, 2010 at 8:29 pm
In some way this is true!
We sometimes really say things and dont even relaize whether its hurtful or mean .. I like how you write.. keep on doing it! FANTASTIC thoughts of how u simply made life seems so simple!
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