Against speeding under the age of 18

February 9, 2010
By yankeesfan226r BRONZE, South Attleboro, Massachusetts
yankeesfan226r BRONZE, South Attleboro, Massachusetts
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I think that if you are able to get a license under the age off 18 then you should be able to drive when ever you want with out getting into trouble. If you are speeding then there are consequences but really people should not be speeding if they haven’t had their license for a while or haven’t been driving as long as other people have. Some people haven’t had their license for more than the 6 months and are already getting into an accident. Do you think that it’s a good idea to stop the speeding off fewer than 18 yr old kids? Some people think that they are great at driving once they get their license, but to tell you the truth their really not.

When people do get their license they think “oh look at me I’m so cool I can drive as fast as I want and no one will care” but really that’s not true. If you do that then you’re ending up injuring people or killing others and you’re self. People don’t know what they are doing when they first get their license. They think that they could do what ever they want and go as fast as they want. Some people just don’t know what they have and it is a great thing, people think that it’s cool to do what ever they want.

Many people that drive under 18 really have a good chance of getting caught if they speed. Many young teens think they won’t so they 20 miles over the speed limit. People don’t even fallow the laws because they drive with people when their not supposed to and drive just way to fast. Kids think that their all big and bad after they get their license but their truly not as bad as they think.

The parents don’t take responsibility for their children. It is time that the state finally took action and stops driver license under the age off 18 yr olds. At least that would give these children another to years on life. People say that we should change the driving age to 21. I think that a little to far 18 is ok and 21 is going to far.

In mass roughly 1/3 of 16yr old drivers are involved in serious crashes. A national institute of healthy studies last year showed that 16 yr old is not well developed in the area responsible for impulse control. 16 year olds crash at three times the rate off 17 year old drivers. Several students all ready new about pain caused by the roughly 3,500 deadly crashes involving 16-19 year old drivers.

In conclusion the reason why the driving age should be raised from 16-18 is because off the speeding and laws. Most people don’t fallow the laws that they have too. Many people just don’t really care at all. So that is what I believe should happen.

The author's comments:
well what inspired me to right this was because alot off people are speeding under the age off 18

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