The "Love" in Valentines Day

February 8, 2010
Valentines Day is seen to be the day of love, when couples have their mushy gushy gift exchange showing that they love one another. Teenage girls and boys either love today or despise it. Personally, I’m a despiser and I have a boyfriend. I’ve always hated Valentines Day. My dad and I have always shared that feeling toward the 14th of February. I’m glad to have candy and all but I do not at all see today as a day to show a couples love. If any love is shown, it’s the Hallmark CEO’s showing their love for money. I already know my boy friend is going to get me something *gags*.

I believe that if you want to show you love someone then giving them flowers on Valentines day isn’ proving anything. Valentines Day is a day when men are forced to buy gifts for they’re wife, girlfriend, mistress, whoever because if they don’t then they’re in trouble with the woman in their life for not loving them. If a guy REALLY wants to show he cares about his significant other, then sending flowers, or cooking a romantic dinner or whatever people are planning for Valentines Day would be even more special on a day when no other woman in the office is getting flowers, taking her off gaurd, leaving her with that happy blush that is advertised in Valentines commercials.

I have no tips for ladies. I am sorry, I just haven’t met a guy who’s made a big deal about such a pink, lovey dovey day. I guess you could before hand find out what kind of romantic fantasy they have and make that a reality but other than sex, I don’t think guys really have an interest in the “holiday”.

Now guys, I’m not saying don’t get your companion a gift for Valentines Day, I don’t want you getting into trouble because of a disagreement with my belief. But really, Valentines Day is just a day full a lust and forced showing of feelings, the most uncomfortable day every year.

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