Know All Sides of the Battle Before Choosing: Hunting

February 8, 2010
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When you see a person going down Main Street with a dead deer in the back of their truck, and you might think, “I sure wish that people were not allowed to hunt.”

Well I am here to say please do not think that, for not all hunters are not like that. In fact very few of us are like that. But all you see and hear about are the bad ones. The ones who are poaching and/or carrying around the whole elk carcass in the back of their truck. You never hear about the hunters who don’t show you the carcass or the ones who don’t poach. Like me, I go hunting with my dad and when we get an animal we just bring home the parts that are edible not the whole animal. For the fact is if you leave the whole carcass in the truck for a while the meat just tastes down right awful.

So all I am asking you to do is to revise your thinking about hunters, that is all. You don’t need to say that you love hunters but just to consider it and to not make hunting illegal. For if you do the deer and the elk and all of the other animals will eat them selves out of house and home. We as humans have wiped out most or all of their natural predators. So if we stop hunting, the other animals will not have any predators.
The Colorado Division of Wild Life issues the hunting license to make sure that the animals are not wiped out but they also have to make sure that they do not issue to few tags, or the animals will be come over populated. So all that I am asking you to do is not to ban hunting and just to except them. You do not have to love them, just except them.

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