February 8, 2010
By Anonymous

I entertained myself with the goal of changing the world once. But is this world important enough to change? This messed up, temporary spec of earth -- is it worth my mark? It's not like this is all I have. Or can I even make a real, lasting difference?

Maybe leaving a legacy is missing the point. I feel like I'm wasting my time into this classroom for a chance to chalk up the blackboard before history comes along with its eraser. I should wake up and live life. So many figures in dull textbooks and marble busts have surely left a mark on the world, but I wonder; was it just because they had nothing better to do? Did they enjoy the joke of power and permanence?

Instead of driving myself to affect affect affect, maybe I should just be still. Maybe instead of blinding as many people as possible with headlights, I should build a fire with the wood I've been given and invite people to join.

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