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February 7, 2010
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Although fighting wars and creating brutality usually have important reasons and objectives, there are better ways to resolve conflicts and problems. Whether it is proven in history, current events, or culture, nothing positive results from violence.
            One example depicts a historical event during the Civil War. Throughout this war, many bloody battles were fought and many lives were lost. In 1864, the North commenced an act of extreme violence now known as “Sherman’s March to the Sea.” Thousands of Union soldiers led by Tecumseh Sherman marched from Atlanta, Georgia to the Atlantic Ocean. They burned and destroyed land, livestock, railroad tracks, barns, homes, and factories. This devastating exploit is classified as total war because it affected innocent citizens as well as Confederate soldiers. The southern economy, agriculture, was ruined. The South’s vital reconstruction and reform became a duty of the North. Although the North proved a point and began to end the war, the negative outcomes of this act hugely outweigh the positive results.

Another example comes from a current events topic that is frequently in the news. Recently, there have been multiple terrorist attacks aboard airplanes. The United States has concluded that these actions are linked to Al Qaeda. The Islamic extremist culture in the Middle East indoctrinates people to have a hatred for Americans and the Western world. On Christmas day this year, a man boarded a flight to Michigan with explosives on his ankles. A few days after, a different man boarded a flight to and from the same place with explosives in his undergarments. Fortunately, neither of these attempts of violence worked out as planned. However, we as a country have to pay strong attention to these events. In response to these acts, airport and screening security is becoming even more meticulous. Gladly, these men did not gain anything positive from their desperate attempts to harm.

The recent series of failed terrorism reminded the United States of the saddening day known as 9/11. Unfortunately, this heinous act killed hundreds of people and reached an extreme of violence. It is the most violent act made on American land. The leaders were also killed, committing suicide as they executed the plan, which is even more disgraceful. This shows how nothing positive results from violence. Numerous innocent people were killed without reason as well as the terrorists. Although the extremist people of Al Qaeda have strong beliefs against this, there were clearly no positive outcomes.

As explained in history, current events, and culture, violence does not denote a positive result. In fact, it usually incites more violence and anger in people. On the surface, there may be a positive outcome or a goal achieved through violence, but underneath the negative repercussions greatly outweigh the benefits.

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