January 29, 2010
By XlxjackelXlx BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
XlxjackelXlx BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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7p.m. Curfew.

Would you want to go inside at seven, every night? Some people want us to. I think it would be a mistake. First, a lot of kids would get bored. Second, kids wouldn’t even get a full day during the summer. Last, more kids would get in trouble for being out after curfew.

To start, kids would be so bored; they would be practically dying of boredom. Kids would get so bored; they would do really stupid things. Kids always do stupid things when they’re bored. Some may even get injured; do you want this to happen?

Secondly, kids wouldn’t even get to stay out past dark during the summer. What kid do you know, five or seventeen, that wants to come in before dark? I know I don’t want to come in before dark; I never have and never will. Kids all around the world can agree on that.

The final reason is that more kids would get busted for being out late. It would completely ruin their record. Collages would accept them less, and parents would flip. It would ruin everything in their lives, I mean, who wants to go to Juvie because they were out at eight?

They say their reasons for doing this is because fewer kids would get in trouble, but that’s not the truth. The truth is that more kids would get in trouble. I think the people should decide whether this would benefit us kids, or not. I don’t think it should be our curfew, and if you agree with me, say something to our so-called leaders. Tell them that, kids would get bored; they’d get in trouble for being out when there was daylight, and they would get in more trouble.

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