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By , Williamsport, PA
Do you think school should cut down on homework? If so, then you’re thinking well. First, if we cut homework then more people will do it. Second, people need free time outside. Finally, students want more work for in school, not out of school! So, yes we should limit homework for school.

The less homework students have, the more homework students will do. I feel like the more homework I have, I get all stressed out and depressed. So I personally feel we should cut down on homework so the same thing doesn’t happen to everyone else. Students have enough problems at home; homework is just another piece of misery.

Students need more time after school for fun and activities. Nobody wants young kids to be lazy, so cut down on homework so they have more time after school. Students need to be involved in some type of sports, I like to run, play basketball, soccer, baseball, and even football. I’m a young teen girl trying to fight for less homework. So get up, lets get less homework, so we are free with lots of time for games and fun activities!

Finally, I think the school should make a deal and cut homework. Instead of out of schoolwork, why don’t we just have all in schoolwork? Less work out of school, more work in school. Which means, no game playing around in school and all game playing out of school. More time in school to work. So everyone, we need to cut homework, and do more in schoolwork!

Some people say more work for in school and out of school. I believe only more work in school and less out of school. Students want free time, not headache time. If kids work all day everyday, they would erupt. They would feel miserable. They would have a headache all the time and be lazy, stressed, and depressed. So if you are a teacher or someone who thinks students should have more homework, well, remember students are humans too and everyone likes their own time.

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