Cell Phones

January 29, 2010
By Anonymous

Do you agree or disagree that cell phones and pagers should be banned on school grounds? First of all,= cell phones should be allowed because if something happens and kids need to get a hold of their parents it would be easier for them. Second because teachers and students are at a disadvantage because there are more educational games that we would be able to use if we had our cell phones. Lastly, why are the high school students allowed to have their cell phones with them but middle school students are not allowed?
First, if there is a problem and they need to send kids home early they are not going to want a whole bunch of kids going to the office to call their parents. Next most parents work and they don’t want their kids calling them because it would be just easier to text them so the parents cant get in trouble. Finally, if something happens to someone in their family the ladies in the office are not going to want a whole bunch of parents calling.

Second, if students had their cell phones during school the teachers could make a quiz online and tell the kids to go on and answer the questions instead of wasting paper and spending time grading papers. Next, if students need help in a subject they can go onto a teachers page and it can explain how they are supposed to do that assignment. Lastly, if students wanted to they could surf the web and find cool educational games for that subject then the kids could go to the computer lab and play the games and the wouldn’t have to sit and do worksheets all the time.

When we go on field trips up to the high school we always see them with their phones out. I think we should be allowed to have our phones out like them because it’s not fair that we have to sit there and do nothing but they can text and do what they want and they don’t even get in trouble. Following that another reason I think that it’s not fair is because when we go up there we just want to pull our phones out but if we do we will get them confiscated and when they pull their phones out they don’t. Finally, why should the high schoolers get to have their phones out when they have people visit and when we have people visit we are not allowed?

Some may argue that kids should not be allowed to have their phones out because it can be a distraction to their learning ability. Here is its weakness, although it may affect some kids ability to learn there are many ways it can be helpful, in case of a emergency and young kids need to get a hold of their parents, or there is a emergency at school and they need to leave kids out early. Parents act like cell phones are monsters. As we come to a conclusion people will understand why kids should be allowed to have their cell phones in school. So go ahead and write a letter to the principals if you want this situation to be thought about and having cell phones permitted in school.

The author's comments:
Well I am a middle school student who likes to text and I thought it would be cool if we were allowed to have our cell phones out in school

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Pink...Cutie said...
on Apr. 6 2011 at 8:53 am
That's  a great  idea, im totally with this!


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