True Music

January 25, 2010
By Hannah!!!Bugg!!!2!!! BRONZE, Somewhere, Virginia
Hannah!!!Bugg!!!2!!! BRONZE, Somewhere, Virginia
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music is what you make it. you hear the buh duh dum duh daaa of the beat and then you realize it isnt only the sound you hear that makes it a song, that it is a story that you get to make your own. you cant possibly imagine a song being a song without you hearing it, no sound, nothing to remember it by. Just another invisible thing. How can a song be your own when you didnt even come up with it? well true music is when you are sitting in complete silence and the only thing surrounding you is your imagination and the beautful music you are making with it. buh duh dum duh daaa. its coming to you as if it were your masterpiece, your gift to the world when truthfully it is only what you made it out to be. your song, your meaning, your music to make.

The author's comments:
"music is what makes the world what it is. but with no true music there is nothing to discover and make your own..."

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