Licensing Should Stay at 16

January 22, 2010
By , pittsburgh pa, PA
I do not believe it is necessary to raise the licensing age to eighteen. The law should abide with sixteen because changing it could pose a potential danger to other drivers on the road.

Teenagers at sixteen are at the age where they’re still learning responsibility. In the event of achieving a license, that responsibility is, yet again, put to the test. Raising the age limit will leave teens bereft of experience and it will cut the time they need to practice their driving skills. When teens turn eighteen, they are at the time in their lives where they can participate in newly-legal activities such as smoking and clubbing. The amount of people allowed in the car will now be up to the available seatbelts. There will be less restrictions and effort from the parents because their child is legally no longer under their care. These factors will contribute to the distraction of the new drivers. Keeping the licensing age limit at sixteen provides a more appeasing and succoring plan because they are given the time to learn with less keeping their eyes off the road.

I’m an advocate against any change of the licensing age because it has the potential to create a more dangerous situation.

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