January 22, 2010
Is raising the licensing age to eighteen really worth the hassle for teens when starting to drive? I mean sure, crash rates are said to go down by 40%, but does that 40% also count in other reasons for accidents, such as not wearing a seat belt, which is one of the more important things to remember when you start driving.

For instance, when I started driving, wearing a seat belt was a important thing for me. Although, I had an incentive –my uncle died in a car crash just because he wasn’t wearing a seat belt. - But, most teens don’t have that incentive so focusing on the little things first that make a big difference and are important.

Other reasons to disregard the act would be teenagers/ young driver’s schedules, work school, friends, activities, etc. These things take up a great portion of our lives. If the act took effect how could make the extra money by taking the late shift at the diner, when you have to be home before dark? How could you give your stranded co-workers a ride home they have no way of getting there? How could you make that call to your mother to tell her that you’re going to be a bit late to the family dinner because of your yoga class? You couldn’t; the new law cuts out things that are important to teens. If it took affect then, one, it would stop some teens from getting their license or even there permit because of the restrictions and, two, if they already had their license it would decrease their social time for activities which help them grow up and understand the “ways” of life.

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