Do I Have To?

January 21, 2010
By Kreitzer3 BRONZE, Ashland, Ohio
Kreitzer3 BRONZE, Ashland, Ohio
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Ten seconds left in the big game. Everybodys eyes are on you to do something amazing.You don't even think you just do it on an impulse. It's like second nature like you plan out every movment before hand. But, do you ever what you could be doing if you weren't being the star in the game. The one that everyone depends on to pick up the slack. This is a tremendous amount of pressure put onto one persons shoulders, but happens all to often. I go to a small school where if you are athletic you are going to be talked into playing a sport. But, really how many of you actually love the sport you are playing and are having fun. Most high school players play because you either feel pressure from the school, your friends, or parents. So, I say do what makes you extremely happy and do it well. If you don't like what you are doing stop. If you don't think its worth it to give up time and effort, then its not what you want and thats alright. So, after you are done reading this think. Go do what you really want to. Live your dream not somebody elses. Shoot for the stars and you might touch the moon.

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