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January 19, 2010
By Jamiece BRONZE, Oak Park, Illinois
Jamiece BRONZE, Oak Park, Illinois
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There are a lot of values in the world, but what if you could narrow down your most important values and least important values? They can range from achievement, family happiness, health, wealth, economic security, knowledge, power, competition, and many other things. Family happiness is what I value the most because there is nothing like having support from the people that mean the most to me. My least important value is power because it is so easy to abuse living in the world that we live in.
Everyone, everywhere, has their own unique family of some sort. Whether they’re goofy, serious, young, old, close, or even far away. Even if you have a little family or a big family it doesn’t matter because family is family no matter what. I value family happiness a lot because family is something that I have a lot of and I don’t know where I would be in life if I did not have them. Me being adopted plays a huge roll in why family means so much to me. I live in a house with my mom (adoptive mom) and my little sister who is also adopted. Even though I’m adopted I never felt like my mom loved me any less or treated me any different. She always used to tell me “You may not be my daughter by blood, but you are my daughter by love and law.” That shows that even though I’m not her actual child I still am her child. As I grew up, I was able to meet my real family and that gave me a whole new perspective on my life. I realized that if I had never met them time would continue to run out and they would miss out on the rest of my life. After I met them I became a happier person because I felt like I finally found the answer to all my questions and now I have two wonderful families. Having two families is a great thing to have because I know that they both will support me in everything that I decide to do and will love me wholeheartedly, regardless of what happens.
I think that everyone should value their family because at the end of the day nobody is there for you like they will be, even if you're not truly blood related. Yes, you might be able to run to your friends, but they may not understand you like a family member will or they may not be able to support you like your family will. This makes family happiness the most important value to me because without family there is really no one else you can turn to when everything in your life is falling apart, or when it's just one of those days where nobody else can understand you. There are times when I cannot stand my family, but that does not mean I do not love and value them.
Power is my least important value. It is something that I can definitely live without. Always being in control is not a good thing and it can sometimes be unhealthy. In most cases when people have too much power, the outcome is not always good. For example my aunt always wants to have control over me and since she feels like she has to have the most power, me and her hardly get along. We constantly bump heads when we're around each other and that could possibly ruin our relationship. I would never want that to happen which is why I feel that certain people should not have so much power and if they do they should not abuse it.
Power is also abused in friendships and marriages. Everyone has had at least one friend that wanted everything their way and got angry when you did not comply. I have had a few of them myself and I admit to being that type of friend at times. Also, power in marriages can be abused. Husbands, or wives, often abuse their power in marriages depending on who is the major breadwinner. That is the type of marriage that I never want to be in. I want my husband to respect me and only take his place in authority, when necessary, and I will do the same. Power can sometimes be a good thing if you know how to use and distribute it but if not it can be very detrimental, which is why it has very little importance to me.
Family happiness and power are my most and least important values. I value my family because even though I have two, they will not be around forever and every moment with them are memorable and unforgettable. Power is a value of insignificance because it is not something I need or wish to have. While it can be good if it in the right hands, it can be the worst thing in the hands of someone who does not know how to use it. Everyone has their own reason on why the things that they value are important to them and though they may differ from mine, they are just as important.

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