How to pick the perfect pet

January 19, 2010
By Anonymous

Choosing the perfect pet is hard. You need to know what animal is best for you. Once you know what animal you want, how do you know that this breed is best? How much is its price tag? What size is it? How much space will it take up? Will your pet give you allergies? How much time can you spend with it? These are the first things that you might want to consider about getting a pet.
Once you figure out the type of animal you’re going to get, consider the things recently mentioned. Is the breed of this animal right for you? If your friends have the type of animal you want, get advice from them on how good the pet is. Also, observe the animals in the pet store. How do they act? Does their behavior agree with you? Also, check the price tag to find out how much cash you’ll pay in a year for food, medical care, and shelter for your pet. Large pets will need bigger and more expensive things than smaller ones. Remember that you must consider the limited space in your house and yard. Some pets need long runs outside to explore. Are you allergic to dander? We’ll consider your allergies and get a pet that you think will not trigger them. Ask a store clerk for one. Some types of animals don’t shed or have fur. Make sure that you know how much time you can spend at home with your pet. It can’t let itself out. And it won’t feed itself. So remember to keep it company. These characteristics in pets can help YOU pick the Purrrrfect pet. So follow the above advice to a happier you. And a happier pet.

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