Life Should Be Fair

January 9, 2010
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People always say that life isnt fair, and I always ask myself why? Why isnt life fair. Then the answer came to me. Us, Our very own souls. We make life unfair.

We do the things that we think are right. The fact is we arent. We are wrong. For example, People that are racist arenty fair. Its not fair that that kid shouldnt be on the basketball team because of his race. He should be on the team because in the inside he is the same as you or I. Life should be fair.

We have the power to change the world in our hands. Governments are making laws to make their country a better place. They're making the wrong laws. It isnt fair that a person cant live in a country just because he doesnt have a green card. The world was made so that people can choose were they want to live. So they can live on the land they choose to live on. Not so that they are forced to live were they despise to. We can make the world a more fair place to live but we are making the wrong decisions.

We can start to make the world a more fair place, but it will take everyone. We all have to make the right decisions. The ones that
gives everyone the same opportunities. The choice to take the opportunity is up to them because its only fair. So the next time your in gym class dont exclude that kid from the group because of his cloths. The next time you go to the store dont walk out because of the owners race. Next time, do what IS right, and not what you THINK is right. If everyone made an act of fairness every day. Then this world would be a more fair place to live.

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