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Vegetarianism and Vegism

January 8, 2010
By Pantophobia SILVER, Stoutsville, Ohio
Pantophobia SILVER, Stoutsville, Ohio
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Vegetarians and vegans are looked at differently in society because of the way they chose to live. A vegetarian is someone who does not eat any meat from any animal.A vegan is someone who does not eat meat or any animal bi-product including milk,eggs and so fourth.
Most people do not understand why people chose to live like this, they also do not understand the reasoning behind it. Some people simply think it is the circle of life but if everyone would do there research they would understand.

The animals we eat, they do have feelings, they do have a heart and when we hurt them they cry. The animals are so abused in slaughter houses. They cram as many animals as they can into one cage(as many as the law allows) that is where these animals will live there entire life. The people who own the animals use steroids and growth hormones in order to make the animal grow faster. When these animals are slaughtered there are no pain killers, they suffer, they hurt, and they cry until they are dead. Then the animal is processed and put on to our plates. We would not treat our own pets like this why do we treat any animal that bad.

Animal bi-products that we eat are just as bad. Not only the treatment of the animal but what is put into them, that we take in. The dairy cows are treated very poorly and anything to enhance the amount of milk is given to the cows. Chickens are the same way given anything to speed up the amount of eggs they have. The steroids and growth hormones are not only put into the animals they are put into us too. If we are having an animal bi-product such as dairy then we are taking in the things that were put into that cow in order to get more milk. When the animal can not produce anymore of what is needed it is slaughtered. Never to have a normal life.

Not only the things put into the animal harms them. Dairy cows have a machine that gets the milk. It pulls on the utter to get the milk, but this machine is painful its is not easy and kind it is a machine therefore it doesn't know that the animal is in pain when it pulls to hard on the utter. Chickens are the same way, they are expected to live there life producing eggs one after another. A chicken is not suppose to live its entire life inside a cage producing numerous amounts of eggs.

For your health is another reason not to eat meat or animal bi-products. When we eat food that has been given growth supplements our body takes that in and could react badly. It could make us sick or even end up doing permanent damage to our body. There are so many chances we are taking by taking in any type of animal. Just because they taste good are we willing to jeopardize our health? Do we really want to put our body at risk?

People may reply with our body needs it for our body to function right, and this is true. We can get everything we need from soy, tofu or even taking vitamins, we do not have to have meat. Next time you go to the store look for soy foods they are all soy and they are just as good and there is soy everything. Meat is not our only option.

I have chosen to have a vegetarian life, therefore no i do not eat any meat. I have control of my body and it will not harm a animal and it will not take health risk. When i changed no my body did not want meat and no there was no regret about changing my diet because I do not think about taste, I think about what I am eating. This is the way I chose to live my life. I soon hope to become a vegan because i will be saving more animals and bettering my health even more. Not everyone who reads this will understand my way of thinking but to those who do and would like to know more you can go to it is a great resource. This is the way I have decided to live my life. I think therefore I am a vegetarian.

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