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January 15, 2010
By Kyung-Jin SILVER, Indianapolis, Indiana
Kyung-Jin SILVER, Indianapolis, Indiana
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When my age wasn’t old enough to know all about the health, I was very sensitive about the attack by the flu. The flu made me infirm, so I had to ingest the medicine often times. At the time, I didn’t know much about the substances and couldn’t get off from the original way to absorb the medicine. I thought the medicines were always made me tolerable for my body and perceived it. As I was growing up, I notice the “Colored-medicine” isn’t adequate every time. Because a year ago, I read the article saying that as many as people absorb the medication, that’s how much they losing the immunity inside of the body. The reason is, while the remedy suppressed the diseases, it also could possibly remove ones that human needed. That’s why you get left with no energy after curing. Besides, I found the therapy called, “Alternative Medicine” and to put it clearly, it’s the other method to rid off the diseases. It involved as acupressure, mental healing, and physical action. Currently, I figured out how it avails to me. For example, when I felt my throat hurt, I used to drink some hot tea. Plus, if I felt sick and exhausted, I rather exercise to obtain the energy. In those devices, the germs were never flattering around me.

The Alternative Medicine System was provided from China. It also called CAM, which is abbreviated for “Complementary and Alternative Medicine”. CAM is a part of healthcare that used to be traditional Chinese medication. It can build mind-body such as the scientific system. Generally, CAM intended to do the technical therapy. In often time, people used the terms of CAM to practice diverse in their optional choice of the methodologies. We were allowed to take this system; because it has the actual knowledge of incorporation to get human’s brain to be concentrated, and it caused to the spiritual beliefs to heal the human’s mind. So recently, people started to employ CAM in repeatedly. Plus, in U.S.A., about 42% of Americans were used the Alternative Medicine. I think it’s because of some doubt about the “Colored-medicine”, and people discovered more helpful ways to get well. The herbs, fresh foods, and vitamins are great products inartificially. In addition, there’s a bunch of medical system that brought into the country. Homeopathy and Naturopathic medicines are the examples of excellent treatment to take. However, through the scientific investigation, scientists said that the CAM is tend to fruitless, because the alternative techniques are keep dropping to the lack and no other evidence.

If you ask me how the Alternative Medicine is effective, then I will say one of the following: “It might be”, “It might not” or “I can’t tell”, because, as you know, I am neither a professional scientist nor a right swear-person who says, “Yes, 100% I am sure”. However, I could convince that I am a stout at the study of methodology. So more clear answer would be, “it depends on how you test CAM therapy”. According to the health care system, they had a lot of research about the Alternative Medicine. For example, the Ayurvedic Medicine is known as vitamin therapy, and it worked for emotional problem and spiritual-needs individually. By proving my experiment, CAM could keep the human soul fresh and provide what they exactly wanted. Even when I was sick, the nature therapy was continuously rolled my brain. Also, while I was having exercise, I had been felt that I was flexing the muscles and brought me up to the strength person. Therefore, every healing is job to own-self to care whether endeavor or miscarry.

Until now, nothing was precise about the safety of CAM. Because basically, CAM therapy is mental-healing method, so everyone can exert it. A fundamental of the medication article said that most people wanted to stop producing the toxic substances. Because, they had been attempt the Alternative therapy and found out it doesn’t harm them in any way. In addition, CAM is a nature source and not inflict even you drink a lot of hot tea. A many time, the folks had research by subject to themselves.

Are you still looking for the medicine whenever you feel sick? You think you need medicine to heal yourself? However, stop what you’re doing before making a correct decision, because not every time, the colored-substances grant you a healing. But the Alternative Medicine wouldn’t make you down but recover your health, and it’s effective to exert with the mental brain.

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