Visiting Mr. Sgroi

December 10, 2009
While reading Riley Yuan's article "Visiting Mr. Sgroi," I vividely imagines myself in Mr. Sgroi's postion. Yuan painted the picture in my mind and made me realized what age can do to a once full-spirited soul. " I imagine how lonely it is to be stripped of the most basic ability of self-sufficiency." Helplessness is truly devastating. Although Mr. Sgroi was in critical conditions, he managed to to keep his sense of humor. That is when you know the person is trying to make the best out of life's frailties. It was almost as if I had met sometime as a little girl. Riley Yuan captivated me from the start. His story was incredibly well-writte. I appreciate the time and care Yuan put into helping Mr. Sgroi and making a difference.

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