What Is Considered Fair In This Nation?

January 11, 2010
By Anonymous

“No child left behind,” President Obama said. I don’t think anyone should be rejected, just because of your race. This nation is not supposed to be one of inequality, but one of equality. We aren’t supposed to be looked over and based upon our backgrounds. Ever heard the saying, “ Don’t judge a book by its cover”? Maybe the selective colleges that have very few minorities should consider that saying.
Is this equality or not? Affirmative action was made to serve one purpose. Affirmative action is the collection of public policies and initiatives created to help eradicate past and present discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. It has been a widely discussed topic around the nation, deciding whether to keep it or not. I firmly feel that affirmative action is very just and should be given to the less fortunate, mainly the people of different races, to succeed in their education.

I undeniably believe that affirmative action should be put to effect in every school. Affirmative action may seem unfair to many people; they consider it racism. It, in my mind, actually helps against racism. Affirmative action is another way of making matters equal. With it, more minorities are accepted into several schools around the nation. Without affirmative action, there would be so many minorities would be rejected around the country. Without affirmative action, the acceptance rates of minorities fall from seventy-six percent, to thirty three percent. In 2008, a poll at a university showed that two hundred African – American applicants were rejected, because of not using affirmative action.

Affirmative action not only helps a community of people, like the minorities, but it also helps other people, like the whites. Many people have debated and interviewed, and came out with a solution that diversity on campus is a good thing. People have the chance to bond with others and learn about different cultures and backgrounds. If we all looked the same, felt the same, believed the same, student life would be boring. We need diversity like a fruit salad, having all the different shapes, sizes, and colors of the fruit mixed with each other; everyone is mixed and mingling with each other.

Without a doubt, affirmative action helps minorities that aren’t as fortunate as many others may be. It gives a chance to the minorities that don’t have as much money or income. For the people who can’t afford to get a good, solid education or the people who can’t go to good schools, affirmative action poses as the hero. It helps many people who did not have the chance at a good education like many of the others, like the wealthy white people, for example.

Many people may seem to deviate the fact that affirmative action is not racist and sexist. I firmly reckon that affirmative action helps the people who are being treated racist or sexist. The people, who are thought to be treated racist, are the minorities. They are the ones being helped in this situation and are not taking more spots than should be deserved for people other than whites. Not once, ever recorded in history, has the acceptation rate with or without affirmative action, has the whites amount of applicants gone lower than the blacks.

Many of the people who aren’t pro affirmative action feel that people should only be judged upon their merits and intelligence. This, in my eyes, is probably the worst thing you could ever do to review an applicant. The admissions offices at the several universities and colleges should admit well – rounded people. This, in my opinion, should consist of a person who is involved in many other activities than just having been a really smart person. Admissions should consider someone that is involved in sports, leadership programs, student council, involvements in church missions or programs, as an example.

Affirmative action poses as a hero for the less fortunate, seeking a good education. It mainly satisfies one’s approach to the acceptance to a college or university. I care so much write about affirmative action that I am willing to say that I am for it. Affirmative action will help me a lot with getting into college, especially because I am a minority, and I seek every right from it.

The author's comments:
I felt that I should express my thoughts about affirmative action, because there are many issues concerning affirmative action, on wether or not it shall remain, because of it's racial effect.

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