Mini Narrative

January 11, 2010
By , Houston, TX
Earlier this spring, i was playing in a lacrosse tournament located over near St. JOhns HIgh School. It was a cool, windy day and my team had not been doing very well. The team goal was to have a winning record, but that was not possible as we had lost two out of our three games scheduled for that day. it was the end of the 4th quarter in the last game of the tournament and the game was tied up, and our coach called our final timeout. in the huddle, everyone was groaning with exhaustion and our coach said,”do you guts even care anymore? do you want to go home losers; or do you guys want to win.” using this as inspiration, we all started yelling and humping up and down. we broke the huddle and walked onto the green turf field. the cool air made goosebumps run up my arms as sweat swiftly ran off of my body. the ecstatic crowd was yelling as the referee was about to blow his whistle to initiate play. i said to myself, “we are going to score.” Then, the whistle sounded and the clock started ticking. i was cutting across all across the field trying to get free from my defender to get the ball. finally, i juked out my defender and cut across the field, receiving a perfect pass. i sprinted using every last ounce of energy i had towards the goal. the crowd was counting down the clock from seven and i knew this was my opportunity. my heart raced as the clock got lower and lower. the fans yelled as the clock struck one and i shot with all of my strength at the goal. after that i remember the crowd yelling and my teammates running towards me. i looked up at the score board and it read 3 to 2. we had won.

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