Evian Water Bad Ad

January 11, 2010
By Anonymous

This ad was created by Evian to sell water. The target audience is 20 to 30 year old woman, African American people, and upper class people. In the center of this ad, there is a young, African American woman lying in the snow, making a snow angel. The woman is in the French Alps showing she must have money. “Return to Purity” is written on the ad along with “Detox with water from the French Alps that’s been naturally filtered for over 15 years.” Drinking this water allows you to return to purity and detox your body according to the ad. With the image of a naked woman, this ad is saying drink our water and you will look like this: Happy. Sexy. Angelic.

The lifestyle presented is glamorized. There is a woman lying in snow with no clothes on. Who can sit in the snow without clothes and not freeze? The values expressed in this ad are sexual. The woman is pretty, skinny, and happy. This shows that the persuasive technique of beautiful people is used. Symbols are being used also. This picture is sexual. The big lie is used because the article says “return to purity.” Drinking this water will return you to purity? I don’t think so.

The healthy message is water detoxes your body. But doesn’t tap water do the same? Evian is no different. The unhealthy messages in this ad are beauty is everything. Her skin is perfect. Her hair is perfect. Her body is perfect. Is that all though? Not everything is being told in this ad. What is the price? Why is Evian better than other brands? What does water have to do with being naked? Why are there no feet prints in the snow?

People buy products everyday because of bad ads. Readers should open their eyes and realize companies will say anything to make their product “the best.” Don’t believe everything you see. Get the facts first.

The author's comments:
There are bad advertisement everywhere. I think it is terrible that some advertisements are out in the public. We had to write a paper on what the advertisement was really saying and I chose to write mine on this ad about Evian Water because for some reason there is a naked woman being pictured, which I believe is completely unreasonable.

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