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January 11, 2010
By Alex Roys SILVER, Houston, Texas
Alex Roys SILVER, Houston, Texas
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I believe that minors should not be tried as adults, no matter what the circumstances, no matter what the crime, they do not deserve to go to a normal adult jail. They are way to young to be put in a horrid place like jail. The should be able to have a second chance and go to juvenile delinquent centers where they can learn by rehabilitation and therapy, to do the right thing. A minor needs a second chance to redeem them self so they can have an opportunity at having a good life, they should not be able to mess their whole life up at that young of an age. Minors are too young to be sent to adult jail, in the end they will learn better from their mistake by getting a second chance.

Although crimes that minors commit are terrible and immoral they are young and deserve a second chance. Mike Hendricks states that, “Their brains are wired differently. They don’t think things out the way we do” (Hendricks 1). Minors should be cut some slack; they should be given second chances. It is understood that if a second chance is given and they still commit the same mistake then a different act of punishment should be taken, as in jail. For example when a minor is sent to a juvenile delinquent center and participates in rehabilitation and therapy, they are expected to learn from their mistake by the punishment. If they come out of that punishment and make the same mistake, then they should be tried as adults the second time. To a minor, being sent to a juvenile delinquent center could just something to them that they don’t care about. They could just come out and do the same thing they did to get in there, because they think, “Oh that wasn’t that bad if I do the same thing again ill just go back there.” That is one of the problems with the juvenile system. Minors will take advantage of this and get themselves into more trouble when they had a second chance. It is expected that a minor will take another opportunity into account and not mess it up. To do this he or she would have to be on better behavior and stay out of trouble, and be kept on close watch.
Juveniles deserve not to be tried as an adult and a second chance but not a third. Once a second one is given and it does not correct the minor, then more severe punishments should be used, but for the first offense they should be given some breathing room because they are too young to make the right decisions under pressure at times. Which doesn’t make their decisions right, but just understood. Minors should not be tried as adults; their lives should be redeemable at a young age.

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