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January 11, 2010
By ashlay BRONZE, Houston, Texas
ashlay BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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What should children under twenty-one be charged as, adult or juvenile? Twenty is closer to adulthood but “14 is too young to be considered an adult” (Hendricks 1). The murders of others results in a punishment like “Keaire Brown, 14, will be tried as an adult for a murder she’s accused of committing when she was just 13” (Hendricks 1). If “you have to be at least 18 to serve on a Kansas Jury” children should not be charged as an adult until they are eighteen (Hendricks 1). What Brown allegedly did was “Brown allegedly shot 16-year-old Scott Sappington Jr. in the head at point-blank range” (Hendricks 1). In another case “Antwuan Taylor, also will… be tried as an adult in a homicide that occurred when, like Brown, was 13” (Hendricks 1). Hendricks comments on how “it’s also shocking that ours is a society in which kids so young are denied a chance at rehabilitation in the juvenile system” (1). Are the minds of children the same as adults?

“Excuse me, but I am not interested in having legislators justify why they
erected this ridiculous system in the early 1900a in response to a spurt of
violent crime among juveniles. The fact is, kids are not adults. Their brains
are wired differently. They don’t think things out the way we do. Most states
recognize this. Not until you’re 18 are you assumed mature enough to vote,
sign contracts, make out wills, sign leases or decide on medical treatment
without parental consent.” (Hendricks 1)
Is that really fair when “the marriage laws a few years ago [were that if a judge allowed it 15-year-olds can get married]” (Hendricks 2)? Hendricks tells of many other reasons on why children should not be tried as adults. I concure with the statements of him in that young children are not old enough to make grown up decisions.

The author's comments:
I wrote in this piece that I beleive that children should be tried as adults depending on the offense. I chose this side because children, even of four years old, are capable of thinking through their actions so they should be punished at the same rate of their offense.

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