Writing is worth a thousand words... or more

January 11, 2010
By Kailey Rodriguez SILVER, Romeoville, Illinois
Kailey Rodriguez SILVER, Romeoville, Illinois
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Writing is a treasured jewel, beautiful not only in the eye of the beholder, but to everyone who can feast their eyes upon it. I now see why pirates spent their whole life searching for their treasure, as a writer such as I, strive to uncover my fortune of excellent writing. Once you get a glimpse of how amazing your life could be with your desired jewel, there is not going back. You become attracted and long for it like a bee is to flowers. You always want to increase your treasure with more, and with that, finding more maps that will lead you to your glorious goal. In my world, the treasure is writing, and my map is learning. Lately, over the course of writing my paper, I have collected many maps, and scored big time on jewels. I have learned so much, and this knowledge has helped my paper shine brighter than the sun.

This class has been such an inspiration to my writing. I have learned many, many techniques that I will not soon forget. One of my prized lessons was that of how to create a simply captivating introduction. Before I was taught this remarkable skill, my introduction was redeemed useless. It was written at a very low standard, hardly any effort, and would catch the attention of no experienced reader. Like a compass that doesn’t help guide, you might as well toss it out. That is how I can best describe my lazy introduction, before I was taught. However, now I believe that from the moment you lay eyes on my literature works, you will long to keep reading; the way an introduction is supposed to be.

Just as important as the first, the next priceless jewel I uncovered from this process of drafting my paper is to have passion. We did an activity on discussing what “grinds your gears”. After, we discussed the difference of a whine in a persuasive paper, and a bold declaration. My paper had been missing this very important element, so it was more of an annoyance, than it was a strong belief. Now I write because I have something to say. My voice is just as important as Barrack Obama’s, and through my writing, I can express myself fully, in a way that people will listen that they never have before.

I as a writer have grown through this experience. I feel as if I am as tall as the statue of liberty, and my writing is becoming to be as beautiful as the sky above her torch stretched upwards. With every technique for writing I learn, that book held by the statue of liberty is filled more and more with the over-powering will I have to succeed in my literary works of art. Although I am not perfect, I know that I am on the right path as a writer. Just by reading my words, you will see undoubtedly, proof of my amazing journey to be the best I can be. I long to write and my fingers itch to hold a pen above paper. My soul cries out to express itself, and with my new-found writing skills, my heart screams with emotion, “ I… will… write!”

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