Texting Take Over

January 11, 2010
Cell phones are no longer just phones. They are mini computers.
I have nothing against texting. I do it too. The thing I do not like is the lack of communication and human connection of text messaging. I enjoy calling people. It makes it easier to say something rather than typing it out.
I am appalled when people say, “Phones are for texting, not talking.” That is what instant messaging is for; it’s fast and you know when the other person is typing. I am sorry to inform everyone: phones are meant for talking, and texting is second.
It has gotten worse when people text while driving. We heard about the accident with the train when the conductor was texting. It’s the same for driving. Take your eyes off the road, and you’ll endanger others.
For me, the only reason someone should text is:
To ask a question that doesn’t need an answer right away
To inform multiple people about an event
To make plans in school
To communicate with someone secretly
Anything else can be dealt with over the phone. So next time, use the phone for its intended purpose and call the person.

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