Job market for Students

January 11, 2010
By AlexHusting SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
AlexHusting SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Managing school work, a social life, and meeting your parents demands is a tough job, but then adding a job in that mix makes it even harder. Attaining a job in the first place is rough, but once you attain one, the rewards pay off, with new responsibility, maturity, and the money is nice too.

“It took me a while to find a job, I applied to a lot of different places but no one was really hiring, it sucked, but after a while I finally found one at Walgreens.” Junior Brandon stated.

Finding a job requires a lot of dedication and determination, giving up is really not an option. Apply to different jobs all over, even if it isn’t as interesting. Never knowing who’s going to contact back is fun. There are many different places to work, ranging from restaurants to hardware stores, libraries to tanning salons.

With endless opportunities it basically comes down to how you present yourself and to make an effort and go out there and look for jobs. Don’t be afraid to walk into a business and ask for an application even if the business isn’t hiring, they will still appreciate the effort that you are putting forth.

Never take a job that you know you really won’t like, however, that makes things difficult and work ethic will slowly go on a decline because you won’t enjoy what you’re doing. So go out there and look for a job that suits you.

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