January 11, 2010
By sammirose SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
sammirose SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Kids love Halloween- free candy, a chance to dress up, and all that good stuff. Halloween is a really cool holiday, so many things happen at once. From dressing up to dancing the night away at a spooking Halloween party.
If going to a haunted house, try not to be alarmed at the creaky noises, the feeling of someone or, something breathing down your neck, and the scary sights you might very well see; granted it’s not too dark. Of course all that is part of the fun, the other part is building up the courage to go with some friends, or if you want to be really brave, by yourself.
When dressing up in your awesome costume, just before going trick’ or treating you probably want to make sure your dressed for the part.
There are Halloween costumes everywhere. Wal-Mart, K Mart, Goodwill, Halloween express, the list goes on and on. Halloween costumes range from Egyptians all the way to whoopee cushions, finding the best costume for you won’t be a problem. Dressing up is so fun, then going out and getting free candy; it’s like falling in love.
Halloween pranks and tricks are funny to a point, but if they go as far as T-Ping, and smashing pumpkins, ruins fun for everyone else. Don’t let the wild spirit of Halloween go to your head.
There are fun, creative ideas that go into Halloween parties. Like, the yummy, bone chilling treats, games and of course dressing up and showing off your fabulous costume. Halloween has been happening for so long, it’s scary.
Be safe and be respectable you might just have the best Halloween of your life, and there will be many after that.

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