January 12, 2010
This idea of affirmative action is unfair in many ways; calling other races “minorities” in the first place is defeating the purpose of ridding the world of racism. The colleges call these people of different ethnicities “minorities” because they assume that these people need help getting into college by giving them extra admission points; but our classrooms are filled with different races that have the same chance and opportunity we do.
Affirmative action is trying to deal with the worldwide issue of racism, but unfortunately it is causing more of it. The white people think that the “minorities” only got in because of the extra points and they are even sometimes segregated. John Kozol explains how bad the conditions are for the kids in East St. Louis in Chapter 1 of his book Savage Inequalities. I feel the pain for these poor people, however not all “minorities” are in these horrific conditions. Take our school for example, we have such a huge variety of ethnicities in our classrooms that have the same opportunity as the non-minorities. Another reason for this action to be taken away is that colleges are looking at ethnicity more than GPA and SAT/ACT scores. If a white person applies to a school with a 4.0 GPA and 1400 SAT scores then he could be beat out by a “minority” with a 3.7 GPA and 1200 SAT. It is so unfair for the so-called “majorities” but that is what colleges are doing with these extra admission points.
On the other side I could see why colleges would be giving out this admission help to “minorities.” They give it out for the kids that are living in the East St. Louis conditions, but like I said not all of the “minorities” live and are educated in these conditions. They give it out because they think they need it, but that is racist itself in my eyes. The action trying to help solve racism is causing more of it, and not only that they are turning the racism towards the majorities in a way. Colleges don’t know that most of these people are in the same schools as us. Another thing is there could be white people living in the same conditions as the “minorities” in East St. Louis. Not all the students there are African-American or Hispanic most likely, but they get the points and the white kids don’t. The idea is trying to solve these problems, but it is really making it all worse.

Affirmative action is the wrong idea generally, however some “minorities” do need this help for them to get into college and I do believe they should be given it in some way. People should not believe this idea is fair in any way, it is even unfair to the people it is being given too. This idea needs to be taken away and maybe be substituted by another, better idea.

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