Curve Fragrance Equals Men?

January 6, 2010
By Lianne Zettel GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
Lianne Zettel GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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This advertisement was made by Curve Fragrance to sell its perfume. It is targeted to young white females. Teenage girls are drawn in by the hot pink background and the pink girly bottle. They may also be attracted to the tan, muscular, oily, brunette, or in short terms “hot” young man in a bathing suit that takes up about three-fourths of the page. Plus, it is Curve for women perfume, making the audience female. The young teenage girls would like the fast that is it is called “women’s perfume” making them seem older and sophisticated. The multiple posting’s of the words “sex” and “guys” all over the page, pulls in the girls who want to be old enough to have sex with guys.

On the page, it has a picture of a young white man, maybe early twenties wearing a bathing suit and goggles with a snorkel. He is muscular, toned, tan, and handsome with nice black hair. There is the word Curve printed large at the top and the sayings, “guys, sex, more sex, guys.” It also states, “Curve fragrance for women. See where it takes you.” Below that it says, “Available at fine department stores.” The background is pink, and there is a small bottle of the perfume in the bottom corner of the ad.

What the ad is trying to tell its audience is that when buying the perfume, it should be able to get them “more men” and “more sex.” And not only have more of it, but it also states “sex tips” which would conclude that using this perfume would make a girl better in bed. Having an audience of teenagers, this ad should not be telling them to go have sex with many guys and that a simple spray of perfume will make them think men will want to have sex with them. Girls at that age should not be having sex, especially before marriage. The ad also states that it is found at fine department stores, yet one can buy this perfume at a Walmart or Kohl’s store. The price is about $45.00 which is pricy for those types of stores, so it does give off a higher class.
The man has a mysterious look on his face while holding the goggles. They goggles and snorkel makes you think about why he is wearing them. There may be the hint that he was at the beach with a woman, or maybe is craving a woman’s presence. He may have a more fun and exciting lifestyle. Since he does have the beach or water theme going, it shows adventure. Girls would want this type of life style; it’s more exciting and exotic. There are values of looking good, smelling good, and having attraction to the opposite sex.
The big lie is being portrayed because of the fact that they are telling girls or young women that using this perfume will help you have lots of sex with many guys, and also to be better in bed. No perfume will do that to any human being. The gorgeous man model embodies the persuasion with beautiful people to those who not want to have a beautiful man/woman but be a beautiful man/woman. Hyperbole is broadcasted all over the ad. Having the words “more sex, more guys” makes it seem better.
This whole ad gives off the wrong message to teenage girls. It is unhealthy for girl at that age to think about sex and men. Especially considering the man in the ad’s age, these girls should be looking for older men to have sex with. Sexuality should not be something to mess around with when it comes to hormonal teenage girls. They may see this ad, want what it offers, and go out and do the things portrayed in this ad. There isn’t anything ethical about that.

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