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January 6, 2010
By taylorleiske SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
taylorleiske SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Name. A noun. Mere designation. A title. It distinguishes you from one person to the next. It’s a way to separate you from your friends. A way to categorize your self in the world like books in a library.
We are all different. Megan, Emily, Jake, or Jordan. The world shares names. But they do not determine who we are. My friend Kim is not a precious metal, which is the meaning of her name. Not all Michaels are “like God”. Megan means the strong one. Not many Megan’s I know are strong. Meanings of names signify nothing.
Individuality. A noun. Characteristics by which a person is recognizable. It determines who you are. It is a way to be distinct from the rest.
My name is Taylor. I do not sew or make men’s jackets. I am not of an exalted rank, and I am not from Germany. My name does not distinguish who I am.
I am Taylor. I am eighteen years old. My passion is kids and I love the color pink. Running is not fun to me yet I do it. I love cats but don’t have one. I love my family and can not wait to graduate high school.
My name is mere designation. Nothing more. I am an individual by whom I am recognized. Not by my name, but me.

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