January 6, 2010
By Anonymous

POV Contest Entry Pit Bulls are stereotyped as dogs people should avoid. Society claims that they are vicious animals that attack with no motive. Dogs are being euthanized globally in spite of these attacks, as stated in the article “Dog Bites Man” by Jon Katz; an article relating the story of a women and the battle for the life of her Pit Bull. “Because she was a pit, she didn’t have much of a shot at being adopted.” According to Katz, “last year more than 800,000 people were bitten seriously enough to go to a hospital.” Although any dog can bite, or attack a human, Katz states that the Pit Bull can do more harm.

People have a hard time categorizing Pit Bulls with other breeds. Why is there a need for labeling? The muscular stature and strong jaw of the Pit Bull is purely due to the tactics used to breed this animal. They’re a fighting machine. From the puppy litter to the fight ring, they are tortured. Taught one thing, fight… you’re life depends on it. The Pit Bull has been bred out of human aggression. The smallest amount of aggression put forth before a human can lead to a casualty of another dog. How is that fair? It is not. When a human exerts aggression before an animal, we are not euthanized; but merely scolded for our actions. Human actions can create fear and confusion. What would you do if an object twice your size was running toward you? Defend yourself.

It is human nature to defend what we feel is important to us. Which is another reason the saying “man’s best friend,” is a dog. The connection created between human and animal is in some instances like parent and child. The thought of a parent treating their child in the manner dog fight owners treat their animals is horrifying. Parents who treat their child in such manner are sent to jail for their wrong doings. But when a dog owner neglects their animal, they are not punished, but scolded. Animals are as helpless as children are at a young age.

“They are kept in chains in the filthy backyards of their owners: starved, beaten. Trained to fight and continue even if their legs are broken and their guts are hanging out. If the fight is won, they live to fight another day. If lost, they die. They are dogs; but who is the real animal?” (

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