January 5, 2010
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When you make a mistake, you pay the consequences. Whats even worse, is when you KNOW the price you will pay, but do it anyways. People are filling my head with "YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE, TAKE CHANCES!" But really, life is too short to take a risk that will have you thinking, "what was i thinking?"
Never let the simple things in life get to you. If you have the people who mean the most to you close to you, you are set!...Be careful who is close to you because anyone can be NICE for something they want, and the person who makes you feel the best one minute can turn around and make you feel at your lowest. Unfortunately the world if full of backstabbers, girls who can't get respect because they don't respect their own body, liars, cheaters...There are only a few people left you you can give your full trust to. Never take advantage of someone like that because whoever told you that, "good friends are hard to find", was being honest. I find myself regretting what i didn't say more than i regret what i had said. Say whats on your mind and don't take for granted something good, because it just might not be there when you reach your hand out. Forgiveness can be done, but forgetting is what is very difficult. When someone hurts you, how can you look them in the eye with the same feeling you could before? Anything, and i mean ANYTHING is possible. So don't make assumptions, and don't ever expect! Because life, is so unpredictable.

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