Fast Food

January 11, 2010
Why do people spend money on fast food? Because it’s cheap? But do people really think of the consequences as they chop down on that fatty burger? Probably not.

One of the most famous fast food restaurants in the world is McDonalds; known for its burgers and crispy french fries. But inside this meal are calories and fat that people don’t think about.

Why do people go? There are other fast options that are healthier, such as Subway, Cousins, some food at KCF. People need to think before biting down on a McDonald’s burger.

In one McDonald’s Big Mac there are 485 calories and 21.5 grams of fat. Some customers became upset they modeled themselves to a more “healthy” restaurant, adding different salads and wraps. But even in their chicken salad, plus dressing and croutons there are 525 calories and 30 grams of fat… which is even more than the Big Mac.
People need to pay attention to what they eat and where they eat. Then we’d have a healthier America.

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