Sick for Thanksgiving

January 11, 2010
By Emily Nikolaus SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
Emily Nikolaus SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
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I can’t breathe through my nose. My ears are all plugged up. And I have absolutely no appetite. This may seem like an average cold.

No one likes being sick, but my bout with the flu fell under special circumstances. I was sick for a holiday centered around eating anything and everything in sight. Food tastes good all year, but magically gets better on Thanksgiving. However, due to my sinus infection, my Thanksgiving spread had no appeal.

My mashed potatoes looked like the piles of Kleenex I’d used over the week ,and the roast turkey might as well have been cold lunch meat. While my family indulged in hot stuffing and green bean casserole, they didn’t understand how lucky they were. Not only were they able to feel hunger, but also the desire to eat. I couldn’t even force myself to enjoy the traditional favorites.
I understand the weight watchers of the world may confuse my loss of appetite as a blessing in disguise. But they are mistaken.
I prefer to wander from my diet for one day, rather than wait until next year for a meal of equal grandeur. So, for all those who were able to enjoy their food I hope you appreciated every part of it, and even cherished the leftovers. For those of you who weren’t as fortunate, we still have next year.

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