Why Buffalo Wild Wings is the best Restauran Ever

January 11, 2010
I try to go once a week; any more than that makes my ears bleed in happiness. I walk through the front doors and am hit with a ridiculously forceful aroma of wingy goodness. It’s usually cold in there, but I don’t care. The only thing that matters? My wings.
If you go to Buffalo Wild Wings, you shall get boneless wings. You don’t get traditional wings; they suck. Plus, you don’t go to BW3’s to get a sandwich or a wrap. That’s stupid. You can get that anywhere. Get the boneless wings, and be sure to order 12. Eight boneless wings are not enough wings to fill my tummy; however, 24 boneless wings are much too much. 12 boneless wings are just right, and if you’re wimpy, you can always bring them home and enjoy their ridiculous goodness at a later date.
If you’re a crazy freak, eat the Blazin’ Wings. Don’t try to prove you have more testosterone than the rest of us. Probably one in every 57 people can endure the burn and stinging of the Blazin’ Wings. I recommend either Mild, Hot, Honey BBQ, or Asian Zing as reasonable alternatives. If you have a faint stomach, get a side of fries or wedges, or the burn will probably kill you. Stop laughing, I’m not kidding.
The environment when you walk into Buffalo Wild Wings is unique, like having a party at a restaurant. There are TVs lining every wall with sports games. You can watch the Packers while you eat wings…what a magically delicious combination.

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