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December 22, 2009
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So if were going to die, then what the point of life. I mean they say that you have to fallow the rules, but if we just gonna die. Then why don’t we do something exciting. I mean like me and alissa tried to ditch a period. Then we got in trouble because we got caught. But life’s short so why don’t we break rules.
I mean it’s like they want us to be sacred of being bad when we are usually good. And that is what most people are scared of. So what if we get caught. I mean me and some of my other friends are going to skip school for the whole day and go to taco bell. But that is something we can’t get in trouble for. One of my friends wants to be a bad ass. I don’t blame her.
I mean we just need to get off our crouches. And just jump. The first bad thing I did was that I went to the creek; I was 6 years old and I though that was bad. I wonder what she would think of me now, ha.
I bet she would think I was crazy. But hey I was momma’s little angel. She probe thinks I’m the devil’s daughter.
I’m gonna swear to do something right now. I swear that I’m gonna to something that this or next year will a year to remember.

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