Go ask Beatrice Sparks

December 20, 2009
“Go ask Alice is the best book I've ever read!”
I beg to disagree. All you teens out there who still believe that this is a teen's diary, please look in the copyright section of the book. The so called 'editor' of the book is actually the author of the book.
“How do you know?”
I'd admit, I didn't know-at first. But when I read the book at first, I was hooked, but then, when some things didn't add up I became suspicious. First of all, the diarist spent more time describing her 'high' experience (and in such detail too) than her breakup with her boyfriend. I mean really! Aren't teens more likely to do the opposite? Second, the diarist uses words that teens don't normally use when writing informally like 'impregnable' and 'gregarious'. All this adds up to the glowering fact that Beatrice Sparks had simply put the diary together. If you don't believe me, go search at the U.S Copyright Office.
Yet this dairy is still read in school as a 'true diary'. This is a lie. Go ask Alice is simply a cautionary tale, and a very badly written one as that. Many teens live miserable, short lives and die in the streets, unknown to the world, their stories untold. Please don't dishonor the memories of these people by reading what an author coined up as a true story. No one needs to read about a so-called anonymous just to learn not to do drugs.

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