Animal Cruelty

December 19, 2009
By AbbytheEventer GOLD, Blue Ash, Ohio
AbbytheEventer GOLD, Blue Ash, Ohio
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Animals today are killed for meat just to make our lives better. Animals don’t get slaughtered humanely, mostly they get slaughtered by people cutting their throats, shooting them in the heads so they bleed to death, grinding them up, throwing rocks, cutting off there heads and letting them run around so they bleed until they die. They cut off chicken’s beaks without pain relief so that they can’t peck each other and starve them to death, they stun them with electric rods till they wait there to have the knife cut there head off. These are not even half the ways they kill animals, there has to be a more humane way.

That hair product you’re using has taken an innocent bunny’s life! Yes it has, they test on bunnies, rats, mice and monkeys! They keep them in cages that they can’t even turn around in, they do brain surgery, put makeup on them. They pretty much are tortured, and after all they have been through do they get to be free? No, they have to be euthanized ONLY to make our hair prettier or our flu go away. Animals are raised in crammed spaces they do not get enough food, water, shelter, etc. They are given antibiotics just to keep them healthy and some animals break their legs and are left outside to freeze to death, or fry to death! Animals have a heart, they breath, they have brains, they think and they feel pain ALL animals feel pain!

Do you know what you’re eating? No well let me tell you, you’re eating an animal that was raised in a small pen filled with feces, they get infected with parasites, they are given antibiotics, and then when they’re ready they get drug off to the slaughter house. The slaughter house is covered in dried blood and when the animals are killed their drug off to get hung in dirty metal shackles and some metal shackles are used to cut off the chickens legs live; some cows were found hanging in the shackles for weeks live! Then when the animals are skinned and ready to get fed to you they ship them off to stores and restaurants, maybe a tape worm or two in them that will soon be digested and start eating away at your insides. I personally don’t think that animals should be slaughtered to make our lives better. I think that animals should have wide open spaces with grass, clean water and shelter it would be a lot healthier for both human and animal. I have pets and I know they experience a wide range of feelings.

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I am a Vegetarian and I believe strongly in Vegetarianism!

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I am not a vegetarian but I live on a homestead and we butcher our animals humanly and they are cared for at the best medicine,vaccines,we check them daily and they come before we do plenty of water food bedding shelter grazing acreage and predator protection


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