December 16, 2009
By joy knepper BRONZE, Los Alamitos, California
joy knepper BRONZE, Los Alamitos, California
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Why were cats created? I know everyone says I’m a horrible person for disliking them so much, but I can’t help it. Who knows why I hate them. Some people come home from a long days work and look for solace form their ‘precious’ cats. I can’t quite seem to wrap my mind around the fact that people see them as almost family members. I cringe at the very sound of those letters put together. Everything about those repulsive creatures makes me want to vomit. Their disgusting fur and beady little eyes seem to send darts through my soul.
I am known for being anti-cat and people always ask if I had a bad experience and try to tell me that something happened in my childhood. And because I never have a story as to why I feel so passionately about them they strive to find some kind of reasoning or explanation. Ever since I was little, cats have struck my bad side. Yes, I will admit to abusing cats in the past. Not that I have changed my ways, but I haven’t come across one in a while so unfortunately haven’t been able to show one how I feel. Every friend that had a family cat was scared when I came over. Sometimes they just need a little discipline. A little toss at the wall. A fling through the air. Or maybe if their lucky they might get a face to face conference with Mr. Shoe.
I don’t understand how people see ‘cute’ in them. The way their hair clumps around their butts after they go to the bathroom, and clean themselves by licking their fur. That is disturbing. The bratty little monsters pretend to be pleasant when their owners are around but in behind their backs they give you the evil stare down. When trying to be kind and pet them nicely they claw you with their nails. Then they look at you as if they are better than you, seeming all prissy and superior. They even make a habit darting across the street expecting you to stop for them. Who do you think you are, wretched little rodent? Did I miss the cat crossing sign? Or did I forget about the 11th commandment, “Though shall stop for cats.” Do they seriously think they are worthy of my brake usage?
I also dislike how the little devils antagonize cute puppies. Teasing them then pretending they are innocent, making the dog look like the bad guy. These creatures are vulgar, not to mention the horrid noises they make, hissing and screeching all night long. I hear them out my window, crying like babies as they are ripped from the arms of their mothers. Cats are one animal that should have never been created. In the Garden of Eden Satan was in the form of a snake, in my opinion Moses got it wrong, Lucifer should have resembled a cat not a serpent. I am just glad God created me as a human being so I am of higher authority then cats. It seems almost as though those violent beasts know not to mess with me.

The author's comments:
Cats have inspired me to write this piece. And to them i say thank you, because the only good thing that has come out of them is this story and a few scratches.

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