December 9, 2009
By Anonymous

Why do teen consider on joining a gang?

Young teens join a gang for what who knows, I know few teenagers that is in a gang or having a flag hanging out one of there back pockets. Teenagers only join a gang either because there follow society of the people that are in gangs, but most teens join a gang because there life isn’t like other teens lives so they start hitting the streets and end up entering a gang.

When teenagers’ get involved with a gang they don’t have regular lives anymore. When a teen is in a gang they have rules to follow and can’t do what they want because they have rules to follow and have to obey them.

When teens die from a gun shot it’s either because there in gang, teen that is in a gang 45% of those teens is killed from another gang. The other 55% of those teen isn’t in a gang, but probably no someone that is in or has been killed from being in a gang. Sirens running, cars speeding, someone has been caught.

I know this because I know people that are in gangs. There was a guy I knew he was a big time gang member he is only a sophomore but dose not attend school he was a abandoned child and he dose dumb things that can an d well out him in jail.

Just because your in a gang it doesn’t make you a bad person it’s just isn’t cool to be in a gang. I knew some one else that graduate from high school and was a good person and he was a gang member not anymore he is not dead or in jail.

Someone on my dad’s side was shot in the head by a blood gang member. When that was heard many hearts in my family was broke especially my dads because that was his oldest brother and as in my uncle. Remember Michael we will always mess you and love you everyone had said.

When property is vandalized with gang graffiti or spray paint saying it a teen that dose it and is involved in a gang.

I’m a middle school student, and have four family members that in high school out of all those high school kids about 20% of them are in one of these gangs’ crips, bloods, south sider, or any other gangs there are is members of one of those gangs.

Gangs get people killed. Gangs get people selling drugs. Gangs get people in jail. There not to help you with life, drug passing, money going, people are selling drugs. Stanly Tookie Williams has started the crip gang. Tookie Williams said if your tempted of hurting or committing a crime go against what you think is right, he also said don’t do stupid thing to prove your tough or cool don’t do it. Tookie Williams said his foot prints. I you do the things I done you wont have a chance to live a freedom life. I had forgotten what the smell of things and messed the taste of all types of things. You will always remember going things in life if do not join a gang. Life in Prison, by Tookie Williams.

Remember I am an eighth grade middle school student I will not join a gang or would not want on of my teenage family members to join a gang I do not want to be broke hearted because I hear that one of my close bothers/sister/cousin has been shot and is dead I wouldn’t want to hear that about any older family members either. I want my people and my younger and older family member to be successful like I would be one day in life.
Do people still want to be in a gang? after hearing this.

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