Just Be Yourself

December 10, 2009
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You always want that chance to be pretty, popular, or just fit in even if it’s for an hour, minute, or even just a few seconds. What I don’t get is that everyone wants to be something or someone they are not. Why can’t people, mostly kids, be who they want to be? I always tell my mom that I want to be the different one; I want to be the one who stands up for what they believe, but what always happens when I try to tell other people, they laugh and think it’s a joke, when it’s really not. Even though it makes me want to cry for hours, I don’t. I keep trying, but for some kids they take it to heart. Other kids might get so upset and take it seriously that they would take their lives for it, start doing drugs, drink, or even starve themselves. That’s why I think there should be camps or organizations and clubs that help kids build more self-confidence, and self-esteem. I always wonder why those kids do those things, but now I somewhat realize.

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