December 6, 2009
By walking-on-sunshine BRONZE, Covington, Georgia
walking-on-sunshine BRONZE, Covington, Georgia
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Lables. i dont know about you any of you reading this but do you have labels at your school? I know my school does.let me name some of them
Emo/goth. at my school if you wear alot of black or alot of makeup people automatically think you a dark person who doesnt like any body when actualy your one of the most outgoing nicest people ever.

black people. it seems that if your black you must be good at basketaball. yes there is alot of peope who are black is good at basketball ut does that mean every black person is good at it??

Nerds/geeks. if you like to read or wear glasses you must be a genuise. i wear glasses and i like to read so people are all the time asking for my help,help that i cant give them. i mean im not stupid but im not smart either i pass by low Bs and Cs mabey one A. and i dont even knoe how the As happen!!.

Skaterdudes. if your a gut and wear skinny jeans ar those big shoes or those beani hats you must be good at skateing. there are a ton of guys at my school that dress like this and yes some of them like to skate but most of them barley know how. but yet people will ask them to show them a trick on a skate board.

Preps. if your a cheerleader you must be a prep. not every cheerleader is a prep there is some who hangout with a totaly different group of people outside of cheerleading but yet they get called preps.
I know there is so many more labels than this but the sad truth is that thats on a couple,and it annoys me how people dont even know you but they act like it just by labeling you.

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on Jan. 2 2010 at 2:25 am
PrincessB BRONZE, Brandon, Minnesota
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Favorite Quote:
"When life offers something of value, you'll learn to let it go , but if life offers you happiness, never let it go (:"

I'm a cheerleader, and everyone knows me besides a few people, and the few that don't call me a prep/ whore / slutt because im on the cheer team


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