December 5, 2009
By amrfrmn360 BRONZE, Hampton, Virginia
amrfrmn360 BRONZE, Hampton, Virginia
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Imagine what it must feel like to utter a word that’s never been said before or thought of. You let the unheard mold with your tongue and slide through your lips. You love the way it sounds as it bounces in the air. It’s new and cool and fresh and you spread it like disease to others who start to mumble the word too. And it sticks. Or imagine the feeling of your senses heightening as you become the first person ever to step onto the Moon. You lose touch with what you thought was unreachable or fantasy and you mark it as reality. You float through space as you take leaps and you watch the stars above that are witnessing history. The history that you’re making.

Wouldn’t it just be incredible to be “the first”? The first to top the Billboard 100, the first to single-handedly climb Mt. Everest, the first to create a vaccine for a common illness.

You’d look in the mirror and see the “pioneer” or that person “who inspired and revolutionized” or the one “who broke down the barriers” and created “a new beginning”. You’d feel a rush of accomplishment. Of fulfillment and mission completed. That’s something almost all of us humans strive for - to somehow leave our unique, original mark on the world and to feel like we’ve done something that’s worth remembering. Because in the end, we don’t want to fade without leaving something worthwhile behind. Something that was our own.

Through innovative song lyrics, phenomenon-causing dance moves or whatever! We have so many mediums available in which we could dig up some creativity and form that something to make our own! We spend so much of our time modeling our lives after those of other people. Be your own model. Scratch off the followers, the copy-cats, the knock-offs and the unoriginal. Light a match and be the leader, be the icon, be the legend, be the original and be the first!

Love your ideas and individuality and embrace them. We have the power to be “the first” and to start a whole new, better, more stylish, eco-friendly, or whatever era. Being the first is not about competition, it’s about carving out your own immortal place in the world and to know that you did something worthwhile, world-benefitting, and beautiful.

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The need for originality

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