Life is "Ruff"

December 3, 2009
By devin huschka BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
devin huschka BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Life is “Ruff”

There are many terrible things that happen in this world everyday. For instance there is terrorism, drug use, murder, torture, pollution, ECT. Although all of these examples are very terrifying, most people don’t think about one of the worst events that happen daily. This horrific thing is animal abuse and neglection.

I continuously think about the pain and suffering that these poor and innocent animals go through. It makes me feel disheartened for them, but so angry at the careless owner. Is there any reason to do this to an animal?

A very common form of animal abuse is dogfighting. This “business” is all about torturing “man’s best friend” or so these helpless animals were once thought of. Now, they are just there! This is the attitude that the people who participate in this terrible action. They don’t care about the animals. To these people, the dogs have the importance of one grain of sand to the ocean.

Many people are involved in dogfighting, but one person’s actions affected a lot of people. This person was an NFL superstar, an idol to many people, and a player maybe on his way to the Hall of Fame. Yes, Michael Vick was involved in a dogfighting operation. A big reason he did this was because he grew up around it. His father was involved in dogfighting while Michael was young. This was critical in his decisions now.

The things that happened at this operation that Vick organized were terrible. I say organized because he bought the property and made sure everything went smoothly. Because Vick did these things, he was rarely around the harsh parts. Although it was rare that he did so, Vick still participated in the fighting of the dogs. The things they did to the animals were horrendous. First, the men tested a dog in the cage. If it didn’t have the “skills,” or thirst for blood, they would automatically kill it. The worst part about this is the way they killed the animals. They would hang the dogs from trees, electrocute them with jumper cables, drownd the animals in swimming pools, shoot them in the head, or in one case, these heartless people slammed a dog to the ground until it had no pulse.
Is this humane?
To kill these equal beings in such cruel ways!
It puts tears in my eyes thinking about these poor animals.
Imagine a puppy born into a fighting operation.
Imagine it growing up in a crowded, dirty, and unhealthy place.
Imagine the dog being put in a cage to fight to death.
It is hard to imagine these things, but this is reality for a lot of animals.

Although he killed around 100 dogs, Michael says “I will speak for the humane society, and hopefully make up for my actions.” It’s not enough quite yet, but maybe someday. Although people still sometimes abuse animals, the amount of it is decreasing.

Rescue Ink, a group of bikers, have their thoughts straight. They use their muscle and machinery to fight animal abuse. They find people who do horrible actions, and stand up for the four-legged creatures. The animals, beat up and starved, have a chance at life because of these “supermen.” Idols to all, these men are changing the world to be a better place.

As Sports Center analysts are saying Michael Vick is a changed man, and Rescue Ink saves animals, I know the world’s view towards animals can change, for the better. It takes everyone though. So, stop and think about the suffering animals.

The author's comments:
I am a believer in animal rights. i have strong feelings about the topic.

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