Torturing on Teeth

December 3, 2009
By laxplaya10 BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
laxplaya10 BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Torturing on Teeth

I never knew I was going to be sucked in – sucked into a vortex of unhappiness for at least 2 painful years. About three years ago, I was one of those suckers that listened to his orthodontist and his parents about how braces were perfectly normal. How they would turn your smile into beauty. How people don’t even notice them. But the only thing they did not tell me is how they ruin your life! From the first day I got braces, I have been living in agony on the inside and the outside. Do you know how it feels to walk down the halls and be called “Brace Face”? Yes, you probably do. A lot of teens are victims of this “thing”. Eleven out of twelve people that have braces in my class strongly stated that braces stink. Why? Braces are slavery. You are limited to the foods you can eat. Braces are like little knives that stab your gums. Did I mention that braces are made out of metal? Braces are just plain out terrible. Many people have told me that braces are like grinders. Braces grind your gum like it is Swiss cheese. Is this really how teens these days want to be treated? with some Swiss cheese gums? I think not. 100% of the people in my class that wear braces have bled from them. Here are some of the conflicts that braces have caused:

* January 16, 2008: Chase is trying to make his mom happy by eating an apple. Biting into the apple, Chase has realized that he just lost a bracket. His mom ends up paying $40.00 and becomes furious at Chase instead of pleased.
* October 31, 2009: Tanner comes home from Trick or Treating and sinks his teeth into juicy laughy taffy. After about three minutes, he finds out that his wire has come undone. $30.00 was paid and fun time was lost.
* November 29, 2009: James is eating dinner when suddenly he spots corn. He picks up the corn, and with no hesitation he chomps down. At the end of his meal, James realizes that his mom is going to kill him. James just spent his mother $120.00.
*December 31, 2009: Brittany, a very happy little girl, celebrates with her family on Christmas Day. After they shared hugs and kisses, Brittany decides that she wants a candy cane. Without a doubt, Brittany sucked that candy down. She was never seen again.

This is why braces get rude comments. Tanner stated that it was the worst pain in the world. Chloe announced that braces are stupid. Devin proclaimed three words: painful, annoying, and limited. As you can see, kids and parents dislike braces. Don’t worry, Orthodontist, you just ruined our lives! Whatever happened to the retainer? Is it just forgotten like the 70’s dance moves? I say, Orthodontists stop blabbing their mouths about braces and go use retainers. They are pretty much the same thing, because they both straighten your teeth. No more thrashing, cutting, obliterating our gums. You know – who even invented braces? Well whoever did, good job moron. You have just started about 1500 strikes. You have just started the Apocalypse! You have just started child rebellion! You sir, have just started World War III – Revenge of the kids. Haven’t you just made your Daddy proud? Great, you always said you were going to have a great future! So those of you victims of this monster( braces) I would like to apologize. Sorry

your feelings have probably been smashed into the ground. Way, way into the earth’s core. Sorry you never got that A+ because your teacher does not like braces. Sorry you never got that dream girl at school. For those of you that are older, I’m sorry you never got that job at the tanning salon. Sorry you never got to eat that chewy, delicious, scrumptious, mouthwatering candy. That right there, is colder than cold. All of these conflicts can end, we just need Orthodontists to stop putting them on us, Dentists to stop recommending, and parents to stop giving into adult peer pressure. I just want to say that for all of you brace faces, I am sorry you have to live under such immense pain.

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jjipp said...
on Dec. 11 2009 at 5:42 pm
Very strong argument. impressive

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