Tree Years of Destruction

December 3, 2009
By drifter_1 BRONZE, Centennial, Colorado
drifter_1 BRONZE, Centennial, Colorado
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Three Years of Destruction

They can run. They can grab. They can talk. The one thing they do not do is think! What is stopping them from being proclaimed as the most destructive force in ones household? I am talking about toddlers. The epitome of wrongdoing. The embodiment of disaster.

Over the years more and more stories have come out about how toddlers have done unimaginable things. From the Baby Blues comic, to movies like Home Alone. In these media sources, the younglings are depicted as characters capable of anything far from angelic. Most of the time these children paint on walls, flush all the toilet paper down the drain, or babble like babies until an adult comes running. Then, one of two things happens. Either the child gets in immense trouble, or the culprit is let off the hook because the current situation is so hilarious that the adult cannot seem to stop laughing.

Many people all over the world would agree with me that raising any kind of child ages one to five is not a task to ignore. These children are relentless. Franklin P. Jones once said, “A child can teach you many things. One of which, is how much patience you have.” This could not have been phrased better. Your young kids can and will drive you to the edge of insanity. Right before you are about to go over the top, they fall asleep. This usually seems to happen. An anonymous source once proclaimed, “If anyone thinks the art of conversation is dead, you ought to tell a child to go to bed.” True, True, True! If you ever try to convince your child or children to go to bed, it will most likely never happen. On the contrary, if a child is driving you insane and you have decided to force him into his bed, he will most likely fall asleep in your arms on the way up. Now not only is your house a mess from the child’s “playtime” during the day, but your mind, and not to mention your ears, are totally fried from your toddlers eerie screeches and tantrums throughout the day.

Some of you parents out there with newborns may be thinking, “That doesn’t sound like my angel.” Trust me, not only will it sound like your “angel”, but it will feel like it too. At the end of the day, you will have a bruised knee, many sore muscles, and a headache worthy of gods. These are only some of the physical affects your body will endure over the course of your child’s tantrum ages. It will be nothing but aches and sores. Then he reaches age six or seven and it will suddenly stop. Your mind can relax. You can finally stretch out. All your worries will be over. Go play with your child and build some memories. Have a good, maybe even great time… for now! The teenage years are still yet to come. I would brace myself if I were you. It gets worse from there.

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