abnormally colored hair

December 3, 2009
By littlebit BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
littlebit BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Abnormally dyed hair

Why do people dye their hair strange colors? Are they trying to get attention? Do they want to be noticed? Are they stupid? Many people say kids need to “express themselves” but they don’t need to do it in such a way that could damage their hair. Depending on their interests, kids can express themselves through a variety of ways, including singing, writing or even drawing. Some reasons I believe people dye their hair are; they don’t care about themselves, they are craving attention, or they want to damage their hair.

In some cases dying your hair isn’t all that bad. There are many colors of hair dye, light brown, honey mist auburn, dark brown, dirty blonde and thousands and thousands of pretty (and normal) hair colrs, yet people go for the fiery red, fruity orange, and sunshine yellow. They may think it will improve their look, but in my opinion to improve your look, dye your hair a normal color. Trying to I've seen many older ladies with purple hair all around, and I think they are just very strange.

A person with red hair is like a red haired troll doll. The tiny troll dolls come with a variety of colored hair, like red, blue, green, purple, and pink Ask yourself this do I want to look like a troll or a girl?. Unless you are going for the “troll look” do not dye your hair like a rainbow.

On average a box of hair dye costs around ten dollars, and chances are if you dye your hair once, you are going to dye it again. Over the years you could spend hundreds of dollars on just hair dye. That money could have gone to something more important like food or supplies needed.

Dying your hair rainbow colors is a pool of stupidity in a world of dumbness in an idiotic galaxy. What the world sees you as is a person who does not care about themselves.

It just kills me to see so many people whose parents don’t care about what they do. It pretty much just shows how the world is changing. People used to care about everything but seeing kids with dyed hair is just very sad. It vexes me to see blinding hair because it just shows how much of money and time people waste to dye their hair and they usually keep for a month and then spend more money and time to dye it all over again.

In conclusion, dying your hair abnormally strange colors is very stupid and can damage your hair for eternity, and you will never be able to return your hair to the beautiful, natural color it originally was.

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