The model, athlete

December 2, 2009
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“The model, athlete”

The bell rings signaling the end of the day; I grab my binders and hurry out of class. Walking home with my friends I don’t stall knowing I must get home to get a snack, do homework, and get ready for a night of sports. I’m an athlete, I am the type of girl who runs from sport to sport and squeezes her homework in before bed, and I absolutely love it! I love the chaotic feeling, I love knowing that my day is not over until the sun is below the majestic mountains. Since I exercise I don’t worry about being skinny, I worry more about being healthy. It confuses me that some girls, such as models, stay as thin as a piece of paper, but they do so from not eating. That 100 lbs. at age 23 is a bit on the heavy side in the model world. Time magazine says “Modeling agencies, the motherly folks, who inform the models that they can eat or work but not both.” Why would a girl or woman want to go through the stress and pressure of the runway and being the “Top Model”? Why would you want to only eat an almond a day? Have gallons of make-up and hairspray put upon you? Do you do it to know you are the skinniest, or prettiest, or that little girls will stare at you in ah. Do you think that helps our world today?

Every girl in the universe has the pressure to have the perfect hair, face, and body. Seeing these skinny skinny girls with their hair and makeup done to perfection just makes all matters worse. Young girls either grow up reading magazines filled to the tip with the airbrushed pictures or watching millions of commercials with beautiful, perfectly toned woman. This is one of the reasons we have anorexia and bulimia. Some girls don’t know how to take all that pressure and they can’t accept how beautiful they really are!

Now I’m not saying all models are bad, there are “plus” models (who aren’t really plus at all just healthy) and many models who are born like that, easily skinny. Models are part of shops’ advertisements, they show off the newest clothes. Sometimes they get to wear the cutest clothing ever, but sometimes they are put in things that make them look like birds taking off for a flight. Models are also a form of entertainment. Many people go out and watch the runway shows, and are fascinated by the creative outfits. Also many people watch them on TV. Models do make a difference, like Catwalker Kate Somers in the magazine Teen Vogue. She donated $9,000 to help build schools in Kenya. Kate also flew out there to help create the schools. Models are not bad people at all, I just think they should be healthier on how much food they eat, and not be so dependent on their looks, but on advertising the clothes or the product.

This is why models vex me in such a strong matter!

This is why I get confused when I stare at those beautiful sticks.

This is why, for some odd reason, I have always wanted to be a model…..

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