My Last Duchess-Robert Browning

November 26, 2009
I read this poem for the first time in the eighth grade and then it only struck me as a bunch of mushy romance. Since then, I have found this poem in a collection of my favorites and now it strikes me as a well thought out piece od literature. It is more than a poem that Mr. Browning wrote. I think that he actually may have experienced something like this in his lifetime and that moves me. I love to be able to read works of art such as, "My Last Duchess" when I know that from the vibe of the poem, it was written in the utmost seriousness. Even when humor is written, it is still wonderful to be able to know that it comes from the heart. When I think of this poem coming straight from the heart of Mr. Browning, I am touched warmly. Writings, paintings, musical symphonies, or even seemingly meaningless thoughts scribbled on college-ruled paper in the middle of sixth period World History class---if it's from the heart, it can be used as a medicine of the most powerful kind...And it is for that purpose that I write...

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